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This app is the only thing keeping me on an Android phone! I need to move to the iPhone 6 Plus... but I can't move without this app!! There's none like it on iOS that will connect to my eBay and Amazon accounts and automatically load shipments so I (can be lazy) don't have to wait for the tracking information and input the tracking data manualy (lazy again, I know). Please make this happen for us iOS peeps!!!

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thanks for the request!

Unfortunately, I currently do not plan to develop an iOS version of my app as I do not own a single Apple device and do not plan on changing this. On top of that, I just don't have the time to learn the programming language and custom principles of iOS.

There are good alternatives on iOS though:

Thanks for your understanding!

Would you be willing to partner with someone else and give access to your backend to make an iOS app?  Nothing on the app store is comparable when it comes to eBay and Amazon tracking.
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