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Equipment Overview:
The equipment is an automatic production line that make highway guardrail by galvanized strip through uncoiling, leveling, punching, roll forming, cutting. It can produces two-wave guardrails.
Feeding (Manually) - Leveling - Encoder length Hydraulic punching - Roll forming - Straightening - Measuring length - Hydraulic automatic cutting - Discharge (Manually)
1. Roll forming passes layout scientific and reasonable. The range of soft and hard degree of galvanized steel strip is wide for this equipment. It is not easy to damage the zinc layer of galvanized strip in the rolling process.
2. It can use strip to punch, and then form continuously and cut off length, to ensure dimensional accuracy. Or it can use sheet to feed and form without cutting off. Ensure the accuracy of the connection hole, high productivity.
3. Hydraulic stop to punch, roll forming, tracking cut off.
4. Operator needs one worker.
Technical Parameters:
1. Production speed 0-15 m / min adjustable
2. Can meet a variety of different specifications of the highway guardrail profile forming.
3. Rolling thickness: 3-4mm
4. Profile cutting springback opening ≤ 2mm
The important significance of cold forming
Cold roll forming is a kind of new technology and new technology for metal sheet forming. By using this process, not only high-quality steel products can be produced, but also the cycle of product development can be shortened, production efficiency can be improved, and the market competitiveness of enterprises can be improved.
In the past half century, cold roll forming has developed into the most effective sheet metal forming technology. The 35% to 45% of strip rolled in North America is processed by cold roll forming, which is more than steel used in the automotive industry.
In recent years, cold-formed steel products have been widely used as important structural parts in many fields such as construction, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, electronic industry, and machinery manufacturing. Its products range from ordinary rails, doors and windows and other structural parts to special profiles made for special applications. The cold-formed steel unit has better cross section performance than the hot rolled section steel product, and has a high surface finish and dimensional accuracy. Therefore, the cold-formed steel instead of the hot-rolled section steel can achieve the dual effect of saving steel and saving energy, so people are cold. The development of curved steel has given great attention. It is the constant craving for the variety, specification, and quality of cold-formed steel products, which has contributed to the rapid development of cold-formed forming technology.Customized Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

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