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Sometime today the app stopped syncing with my Amazon account and even existing deliveries are not being updated.

Have tried revoking and re-adding Amazon to the app but this does not fix the issue.
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He will. Unfortunately, he has a job and a life outside this application. The developer has never failed to failed this application.  Be calm and place more orders
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@Gary Funk.  I assure you I am calm. I am simply stating my displeasure at the customer service (or lack thereof) for a program and service that I pay for.  I have posted many bug reports. Previous questions here and monitored activity on many other posts. The developer has shown a distinct pattern of ignoring all requests for communication. He may troll through here for leads on what needs attention, but he rarely if ever interacts with us. It is like a king who is repulsed by the commoners in his realm. He needs us to pay taxes but doesn't want to hear from us let alone address us directly.  It is rude, especially to those of us who have not only agreed to be a part of his beta releases, but also those of us that paid for the Pro version.
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Oh, the horror of it all. How will we ever survive. It is outrageous that this developer has caused chaos in your otherwise perfect life.

Shame on him and may the saints preserve you.
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I'm also having trouble getting updates from Amazon. The initial package information is populated, but updates are not. For example, I'm expecting a package from Amazon tomorrow. Amazon reports it as having been shipped with Amazon an hour ago with a tracking  ID starting with TBA. Your app does not get that information from my account at amazon.com.
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Works again, but I had to revoke en re-enter my Amazon account.

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Please accept my sincere apologies for the silence on this. I have now completed a fix for the Amazon integration and it will be released as a beta soon (currently in review by Google).

Unfortunately, the amount of support requests I get would be a full time job already, so I strictly prioritize spending time on actual development of the app. I do read and consider most emails though.

That said, issues with the Amazon integration are always hard to fix, as I need to reproduce them on my own Amazon account (which also means that I have to actually purchase stuff regularly just to have an active order to test on)
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Remove your Amazon account - try adding it using the 'browser' method. When adding Amazon account you will see Radio button in lower left for 'browser'. No guarantee this will work for you - but has helped me in the past with some Amazon login issues.  Revoking and readding my account also temporarily resolved this particular issue of orders not being imported. If this is not your issue - then you may have a different issue you need to report.
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Thanks for the quick reply on that - I gave the browser method a shot and received a new error "this provider requires login credentials!".. so it looks like that'll be a new help request.
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Got it working -- didn't know it required the u/p on the entry screen there too. I'm now getting imports! Appreciate the assistance!
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Thank you @jared and @douglas!!!! I stopped using this app 1.5 years ago because Amazon stopped working it.  Your previous two comments solved it for me.  :-)
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You're welcome @manishie - now, if Amazon can get their ducks in a row and sync orders made on the app vs the web, all will be right with the world again! Lol, but not holding my breath.
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