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It has been over a month since the fedex deliveries have stopped working reliably in the app.  Sometimes they work, but mostly the don't.  They seem to open a multitude of pop-up windows that eventually all close themselves.   An update seems possible if you go into each delivery itself and choose to view in browser or sometimes update from here.  But doing a full update from the master list or letting it update it self on a timed schedule rarely works.

Having a bug go this long without being fixed or even addressed is highly inappropriate.  Please, let us know what you are doing to fix this and when we can expect this fix.  Some, like myself, have paid you for the app, so we expect a little more.
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I can confirm, FedEx not really working for the past month.
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Now FedEx is merging with Amazon and taking package details from totally unrelated Amazon orders.  FedEx is totally fucked up in this app.  Please fix it.
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Just giving this another bump as this problem remains totally unacknowledged by the app developers and therefore no fix is in sight.

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I'm sorry for being rather quiet on this, but believe me it's even more frustrating for me. Over the last weeks, I sank way over 40 hours into finding a solution and still came up empty. For me, it's not reproducible when it works and when it doesn't, so their protection against automated access to their web tracking results kind of works.

At this point, I'm pretty much out of options, just like back when Royal Mail made a similar move with the (invisible) captcha. And just as with Royal Mail, accessing the official FedEx tracking API requires you to be the actual shipper of goods (or a solution provider for the actual shipper of the goods requiring both own and their API credentials), which is the reason for the public "rant" the developers of the similarly-named iOS/Mac app published in the article linked by mike.

That said, I will add another FedEx option called "FedEx Website" in the next update, that will just display their website in the app, so you at least have a reliable option to check the results in the app.

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I have been investigating the issue and have two firm observations. I would like to discuss with you my findings but I'm reluctant to post them in a public forum due to the noise others will produce. You have my email and I can explain what I think I know.
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This is no longer correct.  This app still shows as supporting FedEx (at least the Android version does) and it does work 15% of the time.  If FedEx cut off 3rd party access, it would fail 100% of the time.

In short, nice try but the info you referenced no longer applies.
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Thanks for pointing this out mike, it's absolutely relevant information.
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