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Recently my app stopped syncing with amazon.de, used to work perfectly but for the last few days it is no longer syncing data from Amazon. Is it just my phone or app, or is it a more widespread problem?
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Yup, same here (for amazon.com).  I've tried everything including reinstalling the app.  It asks me for a verification code, which I enter.  But it never adds the account.
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Same here, so annoying!
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Same here. Not working for amazon.com
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My Deliveries password was lost. I used the forgotten password routine to generate a new orrs password, reconnected it to the app and synchronization is working again. I'm concerned that my password was lost, but feel better that I reset it.
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Same here.  Im in NYC.  Please fix/help.  Thank you.

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somebody else figured this out.  See this comment, AND the comment right after it (you need to put your username/pass in both locations).  Got it working after 1.5 years of not being able to use this otherwise awesome app!

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amazon.com is and has been working fine all year. Any issues are not with the application.
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