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It's amazing how many carriers you support but it gets cumbersome when selecting a carrier that's way down the list. It would be great if we had the ability to mark certain ones as "favorites" (e.g., if you ship a lot of things you could mark the carriers you use the most, or if you mostly do domestic shipping you could mark the major carriers in your country) so those would appear at the top of the list, or you could add a button to navigate to a list of favorites. Along the same lines, an alternative way to make the list a little more user friendly would be to have the option of setting a default country in the settings so that by default the dropdown would only show the carriers from that country, with a "More..." option if you need others. (I set the default postcode to see if maybe that would provide a similar function but it didn't seem to do anything...)

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thanks for the request!

Owners of the pro version can set their favorite carriers at Settings -> Provider filter. Probably a good idea to "uncheck all" at first ;-)
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