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Few of my parcels are from Skynet Malaysia, but after inserted the tracking number it displayed "error loading data".  But I am able to track using Aftership. Hope there is a fixed release as I love to use Deliveries. Thanks

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When I opened the web link from skynet, it's not Skynet Malaysia. I don't think Skynet Worldwide is the one.

It's crossroad.co.za while Malaysia's Skynet is www.skynet.com.my
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While Skynet Malaysia is on the list of couriers I plan to add, I'd appreciate it if you could send your tracking information including a link to the relevant tracking website to deliveries@orrs.de so I have more samples to work with.

Please note that I cannot promise to add it very soon as I'm working on a big design update which needs some priority if I want to ever get around to finish it ^^'
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