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I have a package shipped by S. F. Express that shows no status information yet and if I update manually it generates an error of "Error loading data." When I select the web browser option it uses this URL:


That generates an error there of:

The waybill number consists of 12 non-repetitive numbers.

If I use 17track, it uses a different site which works when I pick SF Express from the Track International Express Courier options. It uses a different site which I'm showing from the web site option on the 17track tracking page.


Althoughh you must manually enter the tracking number to see it work because the 17track url is hiding the status API it usee. Tracking number to test with is:   UF14334914243460

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sorry for the late response.

I will add "SF Express B2C" as a new courier in the next update which will support this kind of tracking ID.
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Thanks for adding. I'm sure that there are plenty of problems like this where a company does different things in different countries. There's no way to catch them all. As far as I'm concerned you've added the new method quickly.
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Perhaps 17TRACK has implemented with S.F express with API. So if S.F website is down but it won't affect 17TRACK.


It's a great site, I use it a lot, I never need to check by official website because they are always down.
Perhaps you need check another tracking site except 17track : https://www.trackingmore.com/sfb2c-tracking.html. They support over 400 couriers.
17track has not implemented with s.f express API, it's just because sometimes there are two different s.f express tracking sites. One is domestic site, the other one is the international site: intl.sf-express.com/ .
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