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I am stuck on testing the app on a purchase I made on e-bay and paid for with paypal.

It is asking me the delivery address - is that for INCOMING parcels?

When I set ebay (or paypal) it complains that it can't sync.

Yes, I may be missing something obvious but it is a bit annoying trying to get the data from one thing to another.

I haven't worked out how to cut/paste from one app to another on the tablet/note yet.


It asks me for a a TRACKING ID.  I was given "Transaction" number.....  From e-bay and an "Transaction" number from paypal.  These two numbers are not the same.


What is the "Delivery name"?  My name, the name of the seller, the discription of the parcle?

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the app should never ask you for a complete address. If it asks for a postcode and doesn't mark it as optional, you should supply the postcode of the destination.

As for eBay, you cannot add eBay orders without using the synchronization service as they use internal transaction IDs for the developer API. To configure eBay purchases, you need to own the pro version and follow these steps: http://help.orrs.de/5/how-do-i-configure-the-automatic-synchronization-with-ebay

You can however add the actual tracking information to the app as soon as the seller ships the item and supplies you with a tracking ID and courier name (like DHL, UPS, ...)

The delivery name is just a description of the parcel so that you can identify it in the list.


Hope this helps!
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