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The connection does not work with the Italian post, the site of the Italian post has been renewed recently, maybe that's why, you might check please? Thanks
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This will be fixed in the next update, sorry for the inconvenience!
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Please fast!! :-(
I have update app but problem not resolved :-(
That's strange. Could you please send the relevant tracking ID to deliveries@orrs.de so I can check it?
I send you someone track postIT by mail..
I also have 9/10 Shipping with Italian Post ... And no one works ... I already updated the app this morning to the 4.9.3 version.

On the Italian Post Site all works.

Hope that this problem will fix soon !
Looks like the new poste.it website uses completely different websites for different types of tracking IDs.

I will improve PostIT to support registered mail tracking IDs in the next update. Unfortunately, I cannot give an ETA on a release date yet as I do not want to annoy everyone with too many updates.

In the meantime, you can install this version with the fix directly: http://deliveries.orrs.de/apk/Deliveries-4.9.3-PostITFix.apk - please keep in mind that the pro version will only work with it if you purchased it from Google Play.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Yes! With this Fix now all work ! Thank you very much for your promptness !

Best Regards !
Yes now work, but when you update app i must unistall this version with fix and install new version or not is necessary?
You will still receive updates from Google Play as soon as they become available.
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