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A feature of Deliveries Package Tracker is the large number of shipping providers that it will track. However, your average user will only use a few shipping providers on a regular basis.  I am asking that the user is allowed to deactivate providers that are either unavailable or not typically used when creating a delivery.

The mobile app allows the user to list unused providers last.  My recommendation is to not list the providers at all. At least, initially on the website.

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thanks for the feedback.

If you want to completely hide unused providers, just disable favorite mode at the top of the provider filter settings.

While a similar feature for the website is on the ToDo list, I'm currently completely overloaded with work so it probably wont be implemented anytime soon, sorry!
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Thank you!  From a previous app I missed the ability to completely hide unused providers in the app and while I had searched for this feature, I was previously unable to find it.  Glad that you have already programmed it.  Great job!
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