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I've bought your app and was loving it. However, I'm wondering if you know the app seems to have stopped working.

USPS Package statuses are not updating within the app, even when I manually sync. Yet on the postal website, their status has evolved.

What's up?
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same issue here.
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It stopped working since 25/07/15
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thanks for letting me know. I'll fix this in the next update, sorry for the inconvenience!
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Same problem here. Website shows already delivered, but app has not updated for 3 days.
The issue has already been fixed. Please make sure that you are running the latest update (v4.9.5).
I am running 5.0.3 on Lollipop and it hasn't worked for months.  I can copy/paste tracking numbers from USPS app into Deliveries and USPS updates but Deliveries never does.  Packages shipped through Amazon and ebay which ship through USPS update, but valid USPS tracking numbers in this app do not even if I bar code scan them in.  At least 3 months old.
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