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I purchased an eBay item with global shipping option (item in usa, I live in Australia). The item shows as delivered, but that's to the eBay shipping location where it is re-labeled and sent on via international shipping. EBay itself shows that the item has departed their facility where this app shows as being delivered to. Via this app I can't see that it had been on forwarded- but ebay tracking does!

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The initial eBay integration only handles the process up to the point where the item is actually shipped. As soon as it's given to the actual courier (like DHL, UPS, ...), the app adds another status message like "Further tracking information was supplied" including the tracking ID.

If, and only if this message gets added and the courier is not labeled "Unknown", you will receive further tracking information from the app.


From your description, I suspect that your order was shipped with the eBay global shipping program. Unfortunately, this is not part of the API eBay offers for developers and because of that, not supported in the app. Thanks for your understanding!
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