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I have just begun using Jet.com instead of Amazon for many items, as I'm sure many have.  It would be great to have support for Jet.com native within the app (like Amazon and eBay are now), and also support the use of Jet via email tokens.

Thank you for a great app and your fantasitc support, it is unmatched!  Deliveries is one of the few "free" apps, that I'm happy to pay for!

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Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, jet.com does not offer an API to third party developers to access the orders. While Amazon doesn't either, I use them myself extensively which is why I have enough sample date to make the implementation somewhat stable (but this still completely prevents me from being able to properly troubleshoot issues users have that do not happen to myself and believe me when I say it has been a pain).

Even if I really wanted to go through this again I couldn't as I live in Germany and thus cannot use the service.

I'm sorry that I couldn't give you positive news and hope that my app is of use to you anyways. Thanks for your understanding!
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I forgot to mention the email tokens.

Maybe I can add support for the shipment confirmations if they properly mention the used courier and tracking ID. If you want me to check, please forward one to deliveries@orrs.de
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