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amazon wont update shows captcha everytime i try to update

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For me, it started around Aug 23, 2015.

I get a captcha which I answer and it asks a second capcha (may be because I have two deliveries in queue?).

At the end I get a "Capcha successfully confirmed. Please login again".

If I refresh or wait until Deliveries refreshes by itself, the captchas start again.

Therefore I have no amazon updates since two days now.

Is there a workaround?

Btw., I had these captchas from time to time in the past, but answering them always worked.

(Note, I'm asking from a different account than I purchased Deliveries)
I am having the same issue. It began after I changed my Amazon password but neglected to update it in the Deliveries app.

I suspect Amazon now thinks I am a robot as I must enter two CAPTCHAs every time I log in to the website as well.

I don't think there are necessarily an issues with the Deliveries app unless it still attempts to sync according to the schedule after a failed login. Perhaps a developer can comment.

Were you able to get this to work or did it resolve itself on its own?

I am going to try contracting Amazon customer service.
for me the problem went away.

I am not sure, which of my efforts to solve the problem worked finally.

I think my bet is, that I removed the amazon account from Deliveries and added it again. Also simply waiting some days may have solved the problem.
I also use Titanium Backup and restored some older app data.
It may also be possible, that amazon solved the problem on their side.

So, I'm sorry, if I'm not helpful at all.

Perhaps you can try these in sequence and report which one helped (if any).
I had tried removing all of my Amazon deliveries and then account itself. That didn't work so I wiped the app data.

Since I reset the password, I think restoring a TB backup would just put me back at the start may trigger more bad password attempts if that was the issue.

Looking at the Amazon forums, others have complained about having to enter a CAPTCHA when they log in to the site. For some, the went away after a few days; for others, it seemed to persist longer.

I checked the ratings of other delivery tracking apps, and there are similar complaints there also.

Since it started working for you after a few days, I'll give it a few days myself and will try logging into Amazon periodically.

I'll report back on how long it took to resolve and if I had to take any additional steps.
may be you should leave it alone a few days (a week or more), but *not* login periodically. I assume periodical logins extend the problem every time.
I logged the Amazon site Sunday morning and was no longer prompted for a CAPTCHA. I was then able to log into the Deliveries app just fine.

It appears to have been just a ~24-hour flag on my account.
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