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I did send in the correct translation for "Sender" in Dutch: "Verzender".
Now that this has been included in the latest update of Deliveries and I refresh package entries of before the update I got to lines mentioning the sender instead of one: 1 line with "Sender:" and the senders address and 1 line with "Verzender:" and the same senders address.

It looks like the issue does not occur with new entries after the update.

Link to screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qzeefyslqcv8ub3/deliveries_double_sender.png?dl=0

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The app only goes by the title of the detail to check if it already exists so unfortunately for cases where it gets changed in the translation, there's no way around this.

It won't happen on future deliveries (as long as the translation doesn't get updated) - for the current one, you can clear the history and refresh again to get rid of the duplicates.
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Alright. I posted it to notify it to you. It is not a big problem to me. Nice to read it really is such a little thing. :-)
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