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Is it possible to add a category to Deliveries for animal related packages? For things like dog leashes, hamster cages, dog food, little drink bottles, etcetera.
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A category for this will be included in the major design update that I'm working on. Hope you're not offended that it will have a cat icon... ;-) (yes, I'm a fan)
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I do not have any preference for a specific picture. Cats are cool animals too! :-)
Do you have any idea about when we can expect the update you mentioned?
Unfortunately I don't as the delay is mostly because of components I have to use that contain bugs that need to be fixed (by Google).
You can become a beta tester and use the current state if you wish though: https://plus.google.com/communities/100239429294958662389
Can being a Beta tester harm my existing package entries? If not, I will be a Beta tester. I do test a lot Beta apps.
Do you own the pro version? If so, I'd recommend making a complete backup first (Settings -> Backup & Restore). While I won't make promises, none of the beta testers ran into serious issues yet.
Yes I do use the Pro version (love it!). The Beta version does support recovering those backups?
It does but I mainly meant to create a backup in case you should need to revert to the non-beta version.
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