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Lately I have been noticing that Poste Italiane shipment status is not always updated in the app even though it is on the website. Here are a couple of tracking numbers that you can use to check:


Both shipment are tracked on the Poste website but not in the app.


Edit: I noticed that when searching for multiple tracking numbers in a short time, the Poste website shows a captcha to be solved. Given that I have many Poste Italiane shipments in the app, I think that the problem is related, because if I manually refresh just a couple of shipments at a time I am able to get those two shipments (which are at the bottom of the list in the app) to update, but not if I update all the shipments at once.

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thanks for letting me know about the issue. Looks like PostIT starts to show the captcha after three requests. I managed to find a way to reset that count though and will release a fix in the next update.
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Fantastic. Thank you
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This is happening again, would you be able to find a new solution?
Thank you for your work!
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