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I bought the full version for Blackberry.
But use the Android version; and I can not sync because I can not get to the page.

I need to buy another license more ?.

It would not be fair.

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thanks for the feedback.


First of all, the pro versions you buy on Google Play / Amazon / Samsung / BlackBerry are completeley separate. This is because I do not have an own licensing system but rely completely on the specific store telling the app that your account has made the purchase.

Thus, purchasing the pro version from BlackBerry World will not allow you to activate the pro version if you download it on ther devices from e.g. Google Play. As a custom licensing system is rather complicated to implement properly and securely, I currently have no plans to change this situation, sorry.


As for the synchronization website:

This is actually something I didn't really think through until now. Every time you synchronize the deliveries with your sync account, the app tells my server whether the pro version is activated or not. Thus, after synchronizing with your BlackBerry device, you will have access to the sync website. Unfortunately, if you also sync using another device that doesn't have the pro version, it will revoke the access again until you sync with the BlackBerry device again.

I understand that this was quite stupid and have now changed it so that you will keep access to the sync website as soon as one of your devices has the pro version. Please do a full refresh on your BlackBerry device, afterwards you'll be able to properly use the website.
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I'll try what you say, but it would be nice to be able to enter on a device that does not have the Pro version, to update what I already entered.
It's a great application and the big difference is synchronize data from the web.
Thanks! :)
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The sync service itself is not limited to the pro version and you shouldn't have any issues synchronizing your deliveries with non-pro devices.
Only access to the synchronization website where you can manage your synced deliveries using any device (PC / iOS / ...) is restricted: http://sync.orrs.de
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