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eBay integration is pulling over the incorrect tracking information under the "Tracking ID" section.  Currently pulling #######-******* as the Tracking ID where ####### is the eBay Item number and ******* is the eBay Transaction ID. Even after the seller adds the tracking number to the order, the sync does not update the correct information. Is this normal or do I have to manually update the tracking ID (number) within the app? Thanks.

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Thanks for the feedback.

The tracking ID for the eBay entry itself always stays like that number (it's used to access the eBay API and track changes made to the order).

As soon as the seller adds the tracking ID and tracking company, the app will add another status saying something like "Further tracking information was supplied" including the courier name and tracking ID of the actual shipment. This is then used to create a partial delivery so please check if that was added in the edit delivery screen (or if you have such a status message at all).

Unfortunately, many sellers I came across did not add the tracking information to eBay properly resulting in them not being available via the API. If all of the above does not help, please send a screenshot on how the order / tracking information looks on the eBay website to deliveries@orrs.de so I can compare it to my results.
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Thank you for the quick reply! I see exactly what you were referring to..... http://imgur.com/kSSIftS ....but not sure about what you mean by "partial delivery". Can you explain this further? Thanks.
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Just press edit on that delivery. You will see a USPS entry at the bottom of the page (might need to hide the keyboard or scroll down).
Unfortunately, since this morning, USPS temporarily doesn't work in the app which is probably why you're not seeing the status messages from them yet. That will be fixed in the next update.
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Okay perfect, I see it now. Two of my current sync'd items are shipping via UPS so I'll check the partial deliveries sections when they are updated. Thanks again for the help and supplying an awesome app. I've used numerous webapps as well as trying various IFTTT recipes and this is by far the best.
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Quick update: http://imgur.com/YJyNO5s .........this item shows the Tracking ID and transaction ID numbers but since the partial delivery section was updated, the status shows the tracking info as expected. Everything is working fine. Thanks again.
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