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Ordered an item from Amazon.com. Amazon using its own delivery service named amzl_us. I added the package to the app using amazon.com, but it is not getting the delivery info properly. The app shows no information available while amazon.com shows the shipment date and the expected date of delivery. Tracking id for package is TBA000808847111, which shows you the format of the id. Can you add AMZL_US to the list of delivery services?  Thanks.
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Is there a public facing website to show the status messages on or does it only work if you're logged in to you Amazon account? If it's the latter, I cannot add support, sorry.
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If it is anything like amazon uk (who uses amazon logistics also not on list) you need to login to the account and click the tracking button the only way i can see tracking without going to website or app and clicking all the buttons is add a direct link as tracking id which then opens up a page i think in app with the tracking details

Sorry if it isnt explained very well
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I came here to ask this same question. Using the Amazon.com with login gives a one time update within Deliveries, but does not update any further, even after delivery. My tracking info is below if it is of any help. 


Shipment details

Latest update: Sunday, Nov 8

11:21 AM

Your package was delivered. 
Alexandria, US

Carrier: AMZL_US, Tracking #: TBA001108023106

6:58 AM

Out for delivery 
Springfield, US

1:28 AM

Package arrived at a carrier facility 
Springfield, US

Saturday, Nov 7

8:50 PM

Shipment departed from Amazon facility 
Baltimore, MARYLAND, US

10:04 AM

Shipment arrived at Amazon facility 
Baltimore, MARYLAND, US

12:23 AM

Package has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier

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