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Hi ! From a week more or less I have problem with synchronization of Italian Post .. The site is changed and maybe also the server ...

On the App, for example, for parcels that I'm waiting from China all the tracking info are not showed ... Only one step ... while there are all on the Italian Post site.

And when I try to synchronize/update an error appears: (Errore di Caricamento Dati) Data Loading Error...

Let me know, thanks !

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Same. They introduced new services on the first of October so i guess something broke
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Thanks for letting me know! While I will fix it in the next update, I must ask for a little more patience as it will be a major update and I still need to finish some related tasks for it. My current goal is to drop it this weekend but I cannot promise anything yet.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
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Thank you! While we are on the subject, would it be possible to have http://globaltracktrace.ptc.post/gtt.web/ ? While not as specific as the local post tracking, gives a good overview imo and could be good as a backup when something breaks.
Also I'd like to add that it's possible to link directly to the results (without copypasting) with the syntax http://www.poste.it/online/dovequando/ricerca.do?action=scaricaEsito&mpcode1=EE15080001XCH
Thanks for the information about the direct link, I'll add it! As for global post, I'll consider it but there's a huge backlog of carrier requests right now so it probably won't happen soon.
I have update app but problem not resolved
it does work for me, although sometimes I have to try twice.
Yes it works but is much slower to update shipments
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