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Hi, the new UI looks great. Thanks for keeping this app 'alive'.

One particular feature that I am sorely missing right now is the ability to input the date that delivery is completed. Reason being that sometimes, tracking is only available in the country of origin and not available for destination country. Currently, when such  a delivery  is done, it can only be updated as being completed. However there have been times when comparison is being made with Completed Deliveries as an estimation as to when the packages would arrive. For packages where   tracking is not available in destination countries, this estimation of  date of delivery cannot be done. Hence, it would be great if, at the point of marking a delivery as being 'Completed', there is either, an option to manually input the completion date, or automatically set the completion date as the date that the status is being updated to Delivery completed. Thanks! 

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With the new UI, I also introduced a new feature to add a custom status message. While it's not as convenient as you described, for now I recommend using this. Just head into the detail view, press the menu button and choose "New status". If you leave the "save in history" checkbox active, you'll be able to easily retrieve the entered message and location via the history button the next time you do this.
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