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How do you add a new tracking number on the new web site?

I don't seem to be able to add new deliveries on the web site.

The "add" button seems broken currently and doesn't work.

Can you fix this problem, please?

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Please try to refresh the page. If that doesn't help, disable your ad blocker on my website - there are no ads but they can be a little too aggresive on Javascript sometimes.
I don't have an ad-blocker.
I use latest version of Chrome.
The "Add Delivery" button doesn't work at the moment.

I just tried in Firefox - it work with firefox.

Chrome is not working.

I hope this helps.
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Chrome is my main browser so I pretty much only test with it. As it works fine for me, there must be some other reason.
If you right-click on the website and choose "Inspect Element", is there a red cross on the top right of the window that appears? If so, please click it and copy-paste the errors that are displayed.
When I right click the "Add Delivery" button and choose "Inspect Element" it does show 1 error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: showLoading is not defined

That's what it shows.

I also closed Chrome and re-opened it - same thing.

I hope this helps.
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That means it doesn't load the Javascript files properly. Could you try hitting refresh (F5) 2-5 times to see if it works then? I really believe this is a cache issue which I cannot fix on my side :-(
I hit F5 4-5 times and now it works!

You were right, it was a cache issue!
Thank you so much!
You are the best!
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Perfect, let me know if you run into any other issues!
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