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My Deliveries Package Tracker App no longer shows updates for UPS.  It only shows Status: None on the App but if I show in browser it shows everything.  Why did it stop displaying the statuses in the App?
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This is why I came here....I have the same problem on my SGS4. Here's my tracking number if anyone wants to try it, *removed*

I think UPS has changed something....It might be related but suddenly I must disconnect from my VPN (even if using a US server) or else the UPS website will refuse to load. This problem seems to have started at the exact same time Deliveries app broke.
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A little technical background: parts of their tracking website will not throw a 500 internal server error if you try to reach it via HTTP instead of HTTPS. So for my app, it's really just changing the protocol.
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Me too since last night non if my ups tracking show any update
Please vote this question up, so maybe the creator will see it and see if it's fixable more quickly. Thank you. ^_^
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Ditto.  Just discovered that UPS deliveries are not updating on my Galaxy S5 Android phone.
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I confirm that UPS isn't working
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thanks for letting me know! I've identified the issue and UPS tracking will be fixed in the next update.
Sorry for the inconvenience!
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Hey, When is the next update published. I'm using mainly UPS so this is a real issue for me.
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