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So when someone shares a product link on Amazon and I click on it, the Deliveries app launches saying it can't find the tracking info. Clearly I'm simply trying to view the product and not add shipping information in these instances. How can I disable or modify which links are associated with the Deliveries app and which are associated with the browser? It's not ideal to have every single *amazon.com link open by default in the Deliveries app and I can't figure out how to modify this. Thank you!

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Thanks for the request.

In general, this should only happen if you assigned Deliveries to always open Amazon links before.

Please refer to the following article on how to revert it: http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-clear-a-default-app-setting/ (might look different depending on your Android version)
Thanks. Do you recommend users should have it always ask for links that are associated with the app? Trying to get a sense of how to use this app since I do want to have shipping links opened by Deliveries and don't want to have to take an additional step any time I want to use the browser. In short, what steps do you take to use the Android app once you've received a shipping confirmation email on an upcoming delivery? Click the link, if it's associated with Deliveries, select the app and click always ask?
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Yeah, I do not recommend using Deliveries as the default app for e.g. Amazon links due to the issues you described. Unfortunately, the system that allows my app to receive such links is very limited so I can't do a better differentiation of links (e.g. only offer Deliveries as option if the link is *amazon.com but also require something like "&trackingid=...").

The only workaround I could come up with would be to add an option to Deliveries that automatically opens the browser for links without a tracking ID instead of asking first. While probably not too nice visually and performance-wise, it would at least take the additional button press from you.
Unfortunately, I currently do not have the time to implement this but I added it to the "nice to have" list.
Cool, I'll get used to it. Thanks for being so prompt in responding to my questions!
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