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I noticed there are two options for interval under the Notifications. Can you explain what is the difference between the two? I have Mobile Interval set to disabled and Interval set to 1 hour, but I did not received a Push Notification when DHL Worldwide express updated my parcel.

On the description it says it would only work on WiFi and I could have this changed, but I don't see this option anywhere. Is there anything that I missed?

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If you want the app to also refresh while not on WiFi, just choose an appropriate value for the mobile interval.

In practice, I have the normal interval set to one hour and the mobile interval to two hours to save some battery and data on my mobile plan while on the go.

I just downloaded the app and was confused by this setting also. It would be helpful if it said something like "Refresh interval (wifi only)" and "Mobile refresh interval (Cellular Data)".  Or, just have "Sync interval" (since the word sync is used a lot in the app) and then have a yes/no switch to restrict sync to wifi only.  Showing two sync intervals without an explanation is confusing. Thanks!
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Thanks for the comment! I'll add the parts in brackets but the wording will stay at "Refresh" because the term "Sync" is reserved for the device synchronization and Amazon/eBay.
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