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When a package is incoming to the Irish postal service, An Post, the tracking does not work in the app. Why it is happening I believe is that An Post change the tracking number when they receive the package. The original tracking number is then referred to as the Sender Number. The parcel can be tracked using An Post own tracking at


Would it be possible for the app to be updated to support this sender number?

Thanks for a great app!

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sorry for not getting back to you earlier!

Could you please send a working example tracking that shows this problem to deliveries@orrs.de so I can take a proper look at it?
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I've sent the requested tracking number. Thanks.
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Thanks for the additional information!
Examining it further, it looks like An Post wasn't working at all. I'll fix this in the next update including the ability to use the "sender number" instead.
The app will resolve the proper number on each refresh using the first result on https://track.anpost.ie/TrackingResults.aspx?rtt=0&trackcode=[tracking ID here]
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Excellent! Thanks for the great support.
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