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Hi, I am not able to tracking my parcel from Pos Malaysia/Poslaju but can track through their system. Here is the sample of tracking number EN069154770MY. Please help urgently. Thanks

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Same here. The last successful tracked under 'Post Malaysia (Pos Laju)' was in Nov 3, 2015. After that, it will only says "Error loading data!"

'Post Malaysia' last successful track was in Nov 9. Same error occured if I try it again right now.

The tracking URL, AFAIK. It's still http://pos.com.my/postal-services/quick-access/?track-trace#trackingIds=

The one in the app is http://pos.com.my/postal-services/quick-access/?track-trace#locationIds=, which yielded an error both in the app and on the website due to #locationIds instead of #trackingIds=.

Maybe oRRS can check on this and see if it works on his side.

Thank you.

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Please rectify, all is not well
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Sorry for the long wait! I will fix this in the next update but cannot give an ETA on it yet as I need to address a few other issues first.
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As of today, version 5.0.3 (1837) has the Post Malaysia (Pos Laju) working in order again.

Pos Malaysia still unable to track in the app. Website has also mentioned an error due to "having a high volume of transactions". Maybe I will try again later during off-peak hours.
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