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I have a shipment via FedEx from China to California.

When I view the status list for this shipment, I see something like this:


7:15 At local FedEx facility, PACHECO, CA

5:46 In transit, SENNAN-SHI JP

5:43 Departed FedEx location, OAKLAND, CA

5:41 In transit, SENNAN-SHI JP

0:22 International shipment release - Import, OAKLAND, CA


22:16 In transit, NARITA-SHI JP

22:07 Arrived at FedEx location, OAKLAND, CA

5:14 In transit, SHANGHAI CN

...and so on.

It appears that the status list is sorted by the local time of each status, and doesn't take into account the different time zones.  In particular, it is unaware of the package crossing the date line.  So when the package leaves Japan at 5:46 on the 17th and arrives in Oakland at 22:07 on the 16th, the status messages become interleaved.

The same sort order is used when displaying the map, so this package is shown as having travelled back and forth across the ocean three times!

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