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I recently enabled Amazon's new two-factor authentication, and now Deliveries will not sync any of my account information. I've tried removing my Amazon account and re-adding it, but that does not work. When I try to refresh the Amazon data, I get prompted to enter a CAPTCHA code, but after correctly entering the code, I then get an "Error Loading Data" error.

Is this a known issue and if so is there a fix in the works?
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Unfortunately, there is no official API for this and the current Amazon integration is somewhat fragile. Even small changes often lead to unreproducible issues so I cannot add support for it in the near future, sorry!

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FYI: The 2FA auth I got from Amazon either uses text messages or the TOTP (RFC 6238) standard (think 'Google Authenticator'), so theoretically, giving the app the shared secret (embedded in the QR code when you activate 2FA) would allow it to generate its own TOTP codes to log in. (No idea whether it is actually able to supply the generated code of course.)
Thanks for your message! That's an interesting approach but I think users wouldn't want to circumvent this system just for my app. In the meantime, I've implemented support for asking users for a 2FA code right within Deliveries so fortunately, I won't have to go to such lengths. :-)
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I too am getting a similar issue, I was told I needed to verify the zip code on my account. I verified then it said to log in again. So I did, then I was prompted for the captcha which I answered at least 6 times. Then it said that the captcha was verified and to log in again.. but that just started the loop over again. I did NOT enable 2 factor authentication on my account.
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I've been having the same issue since I enabled 2FA.

As far as I can tell, this also prevents you from adding an order manually through its order number: Deliveries says it couldn't find any information and to check the order number again. I've tried it with multiple orders on multiple versions of Amazon (.com, .co.uk, .fr), with the same result.
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BTW, oRRs, you can test 2FA for Amazon using an Amazon.de account: http://stadt-bremerhaven.de/sicherheit-so-aktivierst-du-die-zwei-faktor-authentifizierung-fuer-dein-amazon-konto/ (in German)

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Same issue here.  Please look for a solution.  Basically the same as Google  2FA.
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