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I have used the app Aftership before but it dosent support GLS (Netherland) and my new Nexus phone is shipped with that courier.

I have paid for a lifetime license and after 5min I think its missing a big feature.

When I paste the tracking number in Aftership it automatically identifies the courier, your app can only identify that if I click on a tracking link and open the link in your app.

Am I doing something wrong here?

If not that would be a really good feature, many times I dont even now which carrier the tracking number belongs to and your list of supported couriers is very long.

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I'm on Lifetime account as well since early this year, and I do not prefer the auto-track. I've tried Aftership and sometimes the can mix it up as local and international delivery may have the same tracking format. Especially those with numbers and same number length.

I guess it's more on one's preference? This has hiccups as many tracking apps out there, but it works the best for me so far.

What you can do is, you can actually type part of the courier's name and it will list down the list related.

Attached is the screenshot from my phone when I tried to type DHL into the search bar.


I know I can search for the couriers and thats a great feature.

Some packages for example ordered from aliexpress I only have trackingid. I dont know the courier. It would be nice if the app suggested a courier and if its wrong I could manually change it.
Its timeconsuming to test each courier manually.
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Here's another great feature in AfterShip that's missing is this Deliveries app too:
China Post tracking info in AfterShip is shown in English, in Deliveries it's only shown in Chinese.
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