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Please Add Courier Global Cainiao


This is my Tracking Number​  RI680753860CN


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I add my vote with you To Add Courier Global Cainiao 

but I think your tacking number changed to China POST

 so you can track it also by China POST or Honduras POST

Global Cainiao like HN..........AE



Now they give another tracking number end by CN to China POST

But we finally, hope to add GLOBAL CAINIAOsmiley

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HONDUCOR POST , no tracking website to track where leaves or enters an international shipping
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Sorry, I don't know about Honducor Post but actually you can add it as China Post (the only way), it work

But we need also to add Courier Global Cainiao
if it is safer that will add Global Cainiao , in the next update
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I hope that
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