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I purchased the pro-version from within the app (via Google play) on Nov 1st, and I still can't seem to log into the Synchronization page with my Google account.


Also, some unrelated bugs:

- when I tried signing up to this Q/A interface via my Google ID, I get an Error 400 (Error: redirect_uri_mismatch)

- when I tried registering at bugs.orrs.de, the captcha answer system does not work (I tried multiple times, and also got 2 friends to independently verify the consistency of my answers)

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sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

What error message do you receive trying to log in to the website?
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1. I open http://deliveries.orrs.de/sync/
2. I press "Sign in with Google"
3. I choose the account that I used to pay for the app on my Android device, *removed*
4. I'm returned to the sync page, with the following error: "This service is only available to owners of the pro-version!"

Order number: *removed*
[I removed the last 4 digits for security]
Order date: 1-Nov-2014 2:45:38 EDT PM
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Thanks for the reply. Could you please make sure that the Android app is properly configured to sync with that account? You can find that setting at Settings -> Synchronization. There your Google account must be visible. If it already is, please remove it once and add it again afterwards.

The sync website relies on the app to tell it that you purchased the pro version. Thus, you'll need to have sync properly configured there and do a full refresh after the purchase.
Great, it works now after turning Synchronization off then on. Cheers.
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Perfect, glad it worked out :)
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