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I very much like Deliveries ability to sync across devices.  However, several things do not work properly. Can you advise?

  1. “Delete completed deliveries” in Settings > General is set to “After one day.”  Items are not deleted after one day, or two days, or three days. They seem to never be deleted.
  2. The phrase “ETA” appears only after delivery has been made and is nonsensical.  For example, I had a package delivered one day ago and the app now says “Est. Delivery 2 Days.” 
  3. I am a purchaser, trying to track shipments TO me, not from me. I am most interested in when the package will arrive. That information is not readily available. Can the app show Estimated Delivery Date somewhere, before delivery takes place?
  4. The Web interface does not show estimated delivery date or current location, just the existence of a package but nothing about its status.  Can more columns be added?  It would greatly improve the usefulness of the app. I would like to know the last location and expected delivery date. Currently, the Web page does not even indicate that a package has already has been delivered.


Thanks for your help. This really is a nice app with terrific potential.

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