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I'm curruntly waiting my stuff to arrive to US from China by Chinapost.
And the best way I ever had to track it is using your app (It is Amazing, Very useful).

But unfortunately, It is China characters. So, It is hard to understand it (I mean I have to copy it then translate it)

The app ask me to try Packpin for English tracking details. But there is problem with Packpin. Did not provide any info about Chinapost shipments

So, Can you please support track-chinapost.com? to get English tracking details about Chinapost shipments.

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Hi I'm not sure if you want to use this website I've added to track you packages but right now that's the only way you'll be able to track it and get it in English.

P.S.: you won't get Error message for chinapost on the app. I'm tracking my packages too but the app currently is giving a Error messages.

Good Luck
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