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Hi there,


just wanted to ask a few questions before making the plunge to Pro:

  1. is there anywhere we can see the themes provided in the pro version?
  2. are courier colors customizable in the pro version?
  3. I'd gladly pay for a pass rather than the permanent unlock as suggested, however automated recurring payments isn't something I'm comfortable with. Is there any alternative, for example, a non-recurring 1 year pass?


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Just want to answer. I bought permanent unlock (long time ago only have one type of unlock).

1. Sure, and it's just color changing.
2. Not cutomizable. (I hope Developer add this feature on future version)

For number 3, i give developer to answer that.

For me, I just want to support developer with donating. Thanks.
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"For me, I just want to support developer with donating. Thanks."

Right, that's a good alternative. Buy the permanent unlock, then donate. Thanks!

And yes, more options to customize colors would be great!
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I'm not sure for the free one, but it can be viewed at Settings > Design > Theme. Then you can pick the colour theme that you want.

We can't customise it ourselves, though. We can only choose those are listed (10 colours so far, including the default theme).
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Thanks for the help!
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