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First of all, I just started using your app this past week.  I'm very impressed with all the features and how you respond to users, so it only took me a few hours to convince me to buy the Pro option.  I'm coming from a tracking app that was ok but has been abandonded by the developer for quite a while now.

Ok, now down to the question.  I have several packages being tracked.  Some UPS, USPS, Fedex, Amazon, and eBay.  All of them are syncing fine except for my 3 eBay orders.  It says it last updated "Yesterday" and when I try to do a sync, I get "Error loading data".  I tried removing the eBay account and readding it, but no luck.  All the other services are updating fine, so it appears that something is wrong specifically with the eBay sync process.

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Ebay has in it's settings (your account)

account/ Site preferences/ General preferences/Third-party authorizations

Check that following is listed in authorizated third parties list:

"Oliver Rennies (xxxxxxxx) - Deliveries "

After that i would remove and add again Ebay account to application, and check again the first step.

Also user login name must be present when setting up specific delivery.

I also get sometimes error messages, but it might be doing with delivery's feature eg.

even though they give tracking id, tracking itself isn't included without additional cost.

The tracking status 'product not trackable' – or the message, ‘sorry, this item can’t be tracked’ – might be shown for items sent using one of our international services that doesn’t come with tracking as a standard feature. These include:

  • Registered Post International
  • international air mail
  • international sea mail 
  • all other international letters


Hope that helps

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