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I am using Deliveries 5.0.3 (1837) Pro, and Pull to refresh does not work, I have to use the refresh button. Pull to refresh is enabled in the Settings > General section, and I have already tried cycling it (on -> off -> on) without success.

Is this a known bug?


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I use same version as you, Pro version too..

If I pull fron 'title bar of app' or 'blank space of the list', it will not refresh..
Did you try to pull from 1st list of your deliveries contents?
That's correct, your suggestion seems to work. Shouldn't any part of the list refresh it too? I don't know how often people have multiple deliveries at the same time (probaly more than I imagine) but having few or even none and refreshing from any part is useful too.

(For no deliveries and pull to refresh that should be when syncing after adding the first delivery on another device)

Thanks for your answer
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