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Post of Finland (called a "Posti") tracking is not working at all.

Here is one of my parcel on website, you can use that tracking code for testing in app.


Please, fix it asap!

Thanks, br, Jere

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It seems that posti.fi tracking url changed somewhere in 12/2015, now "show in browser" works (redirecting?) but the app itself is not showing any updates.

I hope this will be fixed soon, the app is quite useless without it.

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Still no updates.

W T F?!
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Bump for this.
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Nice to have paid Pro-version and get support asap.

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Not working....
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Please accept my apologies for the long delay. A fix for this issue is currently in beta and will be released very soon if no unexpected issues come up.
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Oh yes please!

You can test with this: JJFI61179700000851733
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