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Application:  Deliveries Pro v. 4.9.9 (1830)

App does not provide any tracking info for UPS, USPS, or China Post  and only states "Status: None". However, for FedEx it provides detailed, up-to-date tracking information. Note: With respect to all carriers listed, the preceding statements pertain to in-bound packages.

Further, if I select a particular package, then access the the drop-down menu, and select "View in Browser",  the page that loads for both UPS and USPS contains detailed, up-to-date, tracking information. Although, this does not work with China Post.

Also, with respect to UPS and USPS, as a work-around for the problem with the app, I can have both carriers send me updates, via both text and email, each time the status of the package they each have changes but, while those is better than nothing, I do not have the benefit of having the information pertaining to all packages consolidated in one place.

Additionally, I also have the app Package Tracker Pro and it does not have any problem with providing me with detailed, up-to-date, tracking information on my UPS and USPS packages, but it is not capable of tracking China Post packages.


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I have an order from amazon that shipped USPS and it doesn't synch or track the shipment in the app at all! It says the tracking info cant be verified. But amazon seems to be tracking it just fine from their app! Why doesn't USPS work??
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