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It would be very nice if you can limit the Notification to just package delivery. It would be a bonus though to limit the Notifications when it is en route for delivery to your house, then when it is actually delivered.

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I have been meaning to email support to ask if this ability (only notify upon delivery) was already available in your (excellent) Android app and, if it wasn't, how difficult it would be to add to the app.  I will assume this feature does not already exist within the app, since someone else has already asked for the same feature.  Therefore, please consider adding it....currently the only choices I have are get a ton of shipment in process notifications from your app every day, or get no push notifications from your app.  Thanks in advance!!
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I agree!  I would love to see some granular control over notifications.  Personally, I only care when they've been delivered. Others might want to only be notified once a package is 'out for delivery' but not in route.  I might also care when a package has actually transitioned from being a placeholder tracking number to a picked up package (it actually 'shipped').  Seems like this great app could distill these events down into those basic buckets.
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