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Hi there,

Just letting you know that Australia post is currently no longer updating.

Can you please take a look at your earliest convenience.

Matt Dellamalva

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This is not an answer, but more support to this entry.

Deliveries Package Tracker, please note that Australia Post have recently updated their web based tracking, so your current interface may no longer be valid.

Hoping for a quick fix to this situation as 99% of my tracking is Australia Post ...

Regards, Darren

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I dont know where the developer for this app has gone? He is usually quick to answer?
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Agreed.  Looking further down the list it would appear they have gone "quiet", I hope they are beavering away rather than have disappeared.
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The Australia Post APP isn't the best, but is getting better.  If only they would take update ideas on board to make it more informative as per this brilliant APP (when it is working).  One thing I like with APPs is the ability to assign a non-look unique sound which the Australia Post APP doesn't have, yet.

I was converted to Australia Post Digital Mailbox when Mail2Day service was terminated but didn't really bother with tracking, as I was using this APP; so giving it another go.  It has it's limitations.
I am having issues with Aust Post also.

Any update as to when this can be looked at?

The tracking numer just does not update anymore.
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A great purchased APP has gone the way of the Dodo Bird by the looks of it.

I have resigned myself to using Australia Post's official APP which needs improvements, but is working.

If you use the AusPost APP, send enhancement feedback to their e-mail, them seemed receptive.  The more feedback we give, the more chance they will make it better.

22AUG2016:  Re-Retried AusPost (and others), all good again.  Thank you.
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FYI This is now working again, I accidentally tried it this morning!


Woop woop! Thanks dev team!
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