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I just found your app on the Play store. I do a lot of online shopping and love being able to track packages from different carriers in this one app. I had the delivery update set to every 30 minutes while on wifi, which I only use at home. But one package won't be delivered for about a week so that doesn't need to be updated every 30 minutes when the package is a week out. Than I thought of an idea. When the package status is changed to Out For Delivery delivery it could have its own interval refresh setting for delivery status. For example: I would have the regular refresh set at Daily or every 12 hours. Than when the status changes to Out For Delivey I'd set to refresh every 30 minutes.

Would it be possible to not use a refresh setting and just use Push notifications? So when there is a status update it will be pushed through and notify with the app automatically? Using Push notifications would also be more efficient for the app and web servers because thousands of phones wouldn't be unecassarily refreshing when there's nothing new to report.

I use a number of other paid apps including Nova, Sound Profile, Light Manager Pro, Screen Lock pro and some others. I will be using the Deliveries app for awhile and hopefully will be buying the full ad free pro version. Thanks for a great app. Android 5.0 SM-N900T

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I especially like the idea of push notifications only! I'm sensitive to excessive battery use and this would eliminate polling.
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