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You should have at least a minor CS o Tech Suport in order to help users, specially the ones that paid for the App. I have sent some e-mails with issues and there have not been answers at all...

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While I understand your frustration, I wasn't able to keep up with support requests due to other projects lately. I'm catching up a little now, but I still have to prioritize actually working on the app which is why I still cannot answer all future requests.

Please keep in mind that this is a one man project.
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Keep in mind that we paid for this app, your obligations to other products are not our problem.
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I agree, you App is great and works and with so many people using it, there should be dedicated customer support.  I agree with Mr. Coleman, your other projects are not our concern, if you plan on making an app and keeping it's control at the developer level, you must make some sacrifices.
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When you charge the app for some user, it's make you have customers.

It's different between donation and payment.
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