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This has been asked a year ago as well.. https://help.orrs.de/1224/

Still having this problem as well.
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I have the same problem, and I remember to have looked for PostNL many times in the drop down list.

Could the developer at least sort this list alphabetically (from the english language, or using the local name as in 'La Poste' for thje french post) ??? So sad to lose time to look in the whole list and not find PostNL ! (in my history however, I find packages recieved from PostNL).

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PostNL is non-translatable in the app, so it's always in the list in the app as "PostNL". There is also a search function in the provider chooser, so you don't have to scroll. It's still unsupported in the web version though.

La Poste is called "La Poste France" in English and "La Poste (France)" in French. The list is sorted alphabetically as long as you don't have favorites and don't activate "Sort by usage" in the provider filter settings.
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