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I've been using the Pro version of the app for years and for the last several days my mobile app was not syncing with the online account at https://deliveries.orrs.de/sync/#

So I tried to revoke my Google account access in Settings-->Synchronization, and when I tried to re-connect my Google account it says "Error. Account already exists."  I am not trying to create new account, only to sign into my sync account using my Google account like I've always done. Yet, it seems like the app is trying to create a new account instead of sync my existing one. I've been able to set up the app on new devices before without issue.

I also tried uninstalling the app and re-installing it, but the same issue occurs.

What can I do to resolve this?  I searched your support site and found several posts of people with the same issue but no confirmed resolution.

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Try using the other option to log in. Most probably is because you've already used the same gmail account to sign up, that's why it's not allowing the same email address.
Yes that's correct because I've been syncing to this account for years. I'm not trying to create a new account, I want to sync to my EXISTING ACCOUNT. Thought I made that crystal clear in my original post.
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I answered your email. Sorry for the long wait.

For everyone else running into this issue: it's a problem that needs manual intervention from my side. Please send me an email from your Google email address and I'll get back to you with different options on how to fix it.
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