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I just upgraded to v5.1, which states that Amazon 2FA would be supported. Unfortunately, it does not seem to work with Amazon.de (I enabled 2FA for my Amazon.de account via Amazon.com) - when refreshing an affected delivery, the 2FA prompt comes up, but when I enter the correct 2FA code I just get a pop-up to re-login and the whole process repeats on the next refresh.

Any ideas?


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Hey oRRs!

First of all, thanks for this great update, it's much appreciated that you're now more actively developing the app again. It's such a fantastic tool.

But, unfortunately, I can confirm the same behavior here that asked described above. When I get the prompt to enter a token, it seems to accept it, asks you to login again, but there's no sync enabled. It doesn't make a difference whether I try to connect Amazon.com, Amazon.de or any other local account where the website-based 2FA login works fine.

I don't think there's much you can do wrong from a user-perspective, so it must be something with the app or with the Amazon services.

Any ideas what we could do to make this work?

Thank you and best wishes,


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