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Under Settings->Design->Date format I pick yyyy-MM-dd (i.e. proper ISO date format) but the app displays years with only two numbers which is highly confusing.

Firstly, the point of the ISO format is to be unambigous and consistent, this display makes me wonder which of the different date formats is used. Secondly, the displayed date format is not consistent with the setting (should be yy-MM-dd to be correct).

Please add a working yyyy-MM-dd display. Thank you!

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Sorry for not looking into this earlier.

Apart from the general format, there is still a differentiation between a "normal" and "short" date style. For the short style (used in most places), I stripped the first two letters from the year.

I admit that this is not very intuitive and starting with the next update, the normal/short style will no longer have an effect when you select a custom date style.
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