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All I get when tracking a DHL Paket package as of today is an error message stating: "Error loading data!"

Example tracking ID: 443734311921

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same for me - it worked today before I updated to the newest version.
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If you open the Package in Browser and use e.g. Chrome you can notice that DHL seems to have updated their Tracking Website and killing the currently active parsing method in Delieveries.

tl;dr: DHL changed the tracking website which breaks the parsing in the app.
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Well, they changed the front-end, but I'd have assumed that Deliveries is using the corresponding web service.
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With the limitations of the JSON interface (max. 1000 requests per day, max 10K packages inside the 1K requests per developer account, taken from https://entwickler.dhl.de/group/ep/wsapis/sendungsverfolgung/freigabebedingungen ) this would require a centralized polling service where the app would poll the status from this instead of the DHL server.
So parsing the webpage is the far more reasonable approach, but breaks when the front-end changes ;)
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Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification. While I knew there is a web service (but never programmatically used it) I wasn't aware of its limitations.
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Wird das bald repariert? Ist ja nun schon ne Weile kaputt und DHL dürfte recht häufig genutzt werden. Ich zumindest habe die App deshalb gekauft.
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Let's hope this doesn't get buried since all attention seems to be focused on the Amazon issue.
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This will be fixed soon, sorry for the inconvenience!
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